October Shred Challenge | Goal Sexy As F**K


I’m not the weight I want to be, so it is time for a challenge. To be clear, its not just weight. My eating habits have fallen down the tubes and although I am running, I’m not running consistently enough. Goal of this challenge, is Sexy….and to just get back into healthy habits.

Take A Look!

This is not my first time at the rodeo, so I know what I have to do in order to get healthy. I am doing three very specific things, so check out the video for a full rundown:

Challenge Plan

I need to break my current sugar addiction. When I say sugar addiction I mean candy (I love Hot Tamales), soda, and Little Debbie offerings. One of the best options for using real food to detox the body is Whole 30. It’s a tough plan, but I only plan to eat this way for 30 days and I know that its for the best.

Also, as part of Whole 30, I plan to eat one salad a day for 30 days. I do not plan to eat a different salad every day, matter of fact I tend to eat the same salad for five to seven days before moving on to something different.

Lastly, I plan to complete a 100 mile challenge, which basically means I run 3 miles a day. I am already a runner, and I do run distance, so three miles a day is very doable for me. Sometimes I might use the treadmill in case of rain, but I plan to avoid that at all costs.

Follow my personal Instagram account @Missmusic12 for real time updates.

The Food

I recognize that not everyone has Instagram, so I plan to add photos of the food I eat by the menu on this post. Basically, every week I will update this post with my menu (s)…so stay tuned.


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