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One Little Word 2017 – A Love 4 Me

one little word

This year I am focusing on personal growth, which led me to discovering One Little Word. I learned of OLW from blogger Jen of Pretty Neat Living. One Little Word is a year long class hosted by blogger Ali Edwards in which you focus on a single word for a year. You define, meditate, and reflect on the word through monthly prompts throughout the year. The goal is for the word to become a part of everyday life, and to serve as a reminder of your goals.

One Little Word

This is my first year participating in One Little Word, and at four months in, I am so very happy I joined. When I started, I wasn’t sure what word would work for me, but I feel that my word chose me. I started by trying to choose a word from Ali’s suggestions, and by searching Pinterest. Eventually, I decided on my word by making a list of my goals and feelings about 2017.

For 2017, I chose the word focus. As I graduate with my third degree, and again hit a transition in my life, I want to ensure that I continue to focus on personal growth. I also want to ensure that I do not get lost in the anxiety of finishing school and finding a new job. Thus, for me, 2017 is about focus.

vision board


I already mapped out my goals for 2017 when the March prompt of creating a vision board was revealed. Believe it or not, I have never created a vision board before. Every year I write my goals and plan how to execute them. I never create a visual representation of my goals. Ever since creating this board and posting it on my wall, I have actually manifested focus within my daily life.

I also purchased a Salvaged Word from Colleen Attara to put on my wall to remind me of what has become my daily mantra. You might have noticed that my blog posting has become more consistent, and I credit that to the One Little Word project. Although I did not know how this class would work for me because I am not a scrapbooker, I am continually surprised at the difference One Little Word can make in my life.

As I put together my binder this month, I plan to share on my Youtube Channel how its shapping up so far this year. How are you manifesting your goals in every day life in 2017?


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