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Ouidad Advanced Climate Control Gel | First Impressions

Ouidad Advanced

I purchased the Ouidad Advanced Climate Control Gel during Ulta’s 21 Day’s of Beauty back in May. The product retails for $24, and I picked it up for $12 at 50% off. I love many Ouidad Products, but have been unable to find a gel from the brand that I enjoy. Regardless, I decided to give this gel a try.

Take A Look

Usually, I stay away from first impressions videos, but I made an exception. Mainly due to the fact that I did not have high hopes for this gel. Check out the video below for a look at application and first day results:

Ouidad Advanced Climate Control Gel

I really had low hopes for this gel, so I couldn’t possibly be disappointed. This was due to the fact that I tried the original Climate Control Gel and was less than pleased with the results. Unlike the original gel, the Ouidad Advanced Climate Control Gel is not sticky and easily smoothes on the hair.

Aside from the slip and moisture, there isn’t much to love about this product for me. I like the shape of my hair, but that’s about it. I was also happy that my hair didn’t shrink all the way, but there was so much frizz that I couldn’t wear this wash and go for more than a couple days.

I did try the gel on top of Ampro Coconut Oil Gel and it helped to smooth my strands for a more polished result, but I didn’t experience especially different results concerning humidity. In the future I plan to use the gel as a topper and come back with a final verdict.

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