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Packing & Hair | Internship Capsule Wardrobe

box braids natural hair

I have all of my clothes, shoes, toiletries, and more for complete my Internship Capsule Wardrobe. Next up, how will I pack all of these items, and what about hair? Well, to make all of these items fit into a 24″ Hardside Spinner and a 20″ inch Carryon On, I pulled out my packing cubes. As you may have noticed in my previous post, I am able to fit many pieces of clothing into a single cube.

internship capsule wardrobe

I strategically chose not only what would go in each cube, but I took into account what I would need if my checked luggage somehow disappeared. So in my carry on luggage I have: all of my work trousers, blazers, jackets, pjs, sneakers, one pair of heels, my odds and ends kit, some underwear, re-useable bags, a hair scarf, an empty water bottle and half of my toiletries. Plus in my carry on tote I have my electronics, cords, planner, notebook, jewelry, feminine products, pen pouch, and a few snacks. If my checked luggage disappears I will be able to function for a couple of weeks until it either reappears or I have to acquire new things.

packing cubes

In my checked luggage I housed the rest of my shoes, makeup, full size toiletries, dresses, jeans and packing cubes. I put the blue packing folder, one of the full cubes, a half cube, and both tube cubes in the checked luggage. Nothing valuable, just necessary items to function for 10 weeks. I have also created a list of things to buy when I arrive, which include:

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On to hair…..if you haven’t noticed by the top photo, I had box braids installed this week. Why? I have a whole video on the subject coming up on the channel in the next couple of weeks. These braids will be quite convenient, and we’ll see if my hair survived this protective style when I return. Beginning Sunday, I will start doing live video’s on my Facebook page, so be sure to join! (No worries, a video will still post on my Youbute Channel every week).



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