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7 Easy Ways to Support Black Business This Holiday Season

Black Business

With black Friday coming quickly alongside the busiest shopping time of the year, I wanted to share seven easy ways you can support black business this season. Every Holiday season, people begin to talk about supporting black business. Many do not because they just do not know how. I have made it a point to focus on black business on my channel and on this blog to show how easy this can be. Take A Look I did not go…

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Clear Ice Coconut Oil Styling Gel – Ampro Pro Styl | Demo & Review

coconut oil styling gel

The Clear Ice Coconut Oil Styling Gel by Ampro Industries released several months ago. I tried the gel for most of August, and then Ampro realeased the Aloe Styler. That’s when I decided to revisit Ampro and feature the new stylers. Take A Look I am a huge fan of the Ampro Olive Oil Styler, and the Aloe Styler is a definite new favorite. After trying the Coconut Oil Styling Gel, I am convinced that Ampro is the new contender…

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Time for a Trim.. or Dusting … or Cut? | Natural Hair 101


When I speak about caring for my natural hair, I often talk about getting or giving myself a trim. However, I am usually talking about a light dusting of my ends which then leads to the occasional trim. This year I gave myself a 5 inch cut, but that is usually a very rare occurrence for me. What’s The Difference Dusting usually consists of look at your strands and just cutting off the individual split ends or single strand knots…

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Why Aloe Vera Juice Is Great for Low Porosity Hair


I recently learned that Aloe Vera Juice is getting a bad wrap in these streets, especially concerning low porosity hair. Much to my surprise, several times over the last few months, I have been informed that Aloe Vera is bad for low porosity hair. How sway? Take A Look Enough is enough. I sat down and talked about how Aloe Vera works for natural hair, and is especially wonderful for low porosity hair. Check out more in the video below:…

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Clear Ice Aloe Styler – Ampro Pro Style | Demo & Review

Aloe Styler

Recently, Ampro Industries released three gel new stylers including the Clear Ice Aloe Styler. I went on the hunt for this gel all over, and couldn’t find it, so I ordered from the website. The Ampro Olive Oil Gel is a staple for my natural hair, so I had high expectations for the Clear Ice Aloe Styler. Take A Look It took some real work and effort to get this gel in my hands, but it was worth the trouble.…

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