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Current Natural Hair Tool Storage & Organization

Hair Tool Storage

Is hair tool storage an exciting subject? Don’t know. Was this video requested? Yes I am in the midst of changing this space that is all mine. This woman cave/beauty room/office serves as a space where I can be creative and enjoy pampering myself. It also serves as a space to store and display my tools and products. Take A Look I’ve had this organization tower for at least eight years! Naturally, it’s time to replace it. Nonetheless, this is…

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Hair Care Hair Care TIps Styling Wash n Go Series

The Wash and Go Tag | Type 4 Natural Hair

Wash and Go

The Wash and Go is a quick go to style that is low maintenance and shows off the beauty of my curl pattern. Every time I watch the Wash and Go Tag I either learn something new or I get to identify with fellow naturals. I also like to hear what products people are using to achieve their best Wash and Go. Take A Look I was a little (maybe a lot) long winded in the video below, but I…

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Hair Care Product Line Review

Mielle Organics Original Line Product Review

$20 Curly Hair Routine

A couple of months ago I purchased my first Mielle Organics product, which immediately peaked my curiosity. I eventually purchased three more products and use the products almost exclusively for the month of August. Please be advised that some of the links provided are affiliate links and I do receive a small commission if you make a purchase using those links. Β This does not cost you any extra when you make a purchase. Β I very much appreciate your support of…

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Hair Care Ramblings

My Hair Journey | Natural, Relaxed, Transition, Natural

length check one year

I first started taking care of my own hair in 2004, and have been on a hair journey every since. In 2004, there were very few options for learning how to take care of natural hair. There were certainly very few videos, much less a natural hair movement. Instead I used resources like Long Hair Care Forum, Nappturality, and the MotownGirl website to learn about natural hair. I truly knew nothing about caring for my hair before 2004, and the…

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Hair Care

My Hair Stats | Kinky Coily Type 4 Natural Hair

hair stats

Simply, my hair is awesome. I often describe my hair as Type 4 because that is the easieset explanation. However, there is so much more to my hair. I thought to put this info in one place, hence my hair stats. Take A Look! On my head, I have looser coils, waves, and tight coils. My hair is prone to frizz and dryness, and if not taken care of properly can break easily. Take an up close look at my…

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