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Are You A Minimalist or Maximalist Naturalista?


Maximalist refers to those of us who own a fair amount of products and do the most unapologetically. But let’s face it, some men and women do not want to fool with their hair, and do not want to try a lot of products. Those people are classified as minimalists. Take A Look On my recent trip to Orlando, my girl over at Happy Fit Natural, spoke frequently about how she doesn’t do much to her hair. She spoke abut…

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Five Favorites From The Month of October


October was a month in transition so life was very predictable, but I did try a few things that are great finds and enjoy a few bits from my beauty arsenal. It may feel like Fall where you are, but in Florida, we are experiencing an extension of summer. We did have a week of cold weather (Florida cold), so my products are still focused on warm weather. October 2018 Favorites Though the weather remains warm, the humidity has decreased…

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Life Organization Planner

Inkwell Press Livewell Planner | Walkthrough of My 2018 Planners


I find that having a good planner that matches your organizational style just makes life easier. Every year I re-evaluate my planner choice and look to see what’s out there. However, for the past two years, and now for 2018 I keep returning to the Inkwell Press Livewell Planner. Take A Look I purchased two planners from Inkwell Press to use for life and work in 2018. I am using the LiveWell Classic layout for the third year, and 2018…

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Hair Care Review

Mielle P&H Leave-In Conditioner and Curl Smoothie Review


The last review for the Mielle Organics Pomegranate & Honey Collection is the Leave-In Conditioner and Curl Smoothie. This collection is marketed for type 4 naturals, so when it launched I purchased everything. I put off reviewing these products because they were tricky and I needed to use them many ways before reviewing. Take A Look! As promised, this review is somewhat interesting. I usually do not like to say exactly whether or not I like a product. Instead I…

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Life Organization Planner

How To Create An Individual Five Year Plan

five year plan

There was a time when I thought creating a five year plan was unnecessary. Then I turned thirty and realized that in the past five years my life had changed drastically. With just a little planning, I can steer the direction of my life, and truly live the life I have imagined. It’s not every day that one decides to write a five year plan, so creating the plan can seem like a daunting task. Luckily, I help organizations develop…

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