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Perm Rod Set | Styling My Sister’s Hair

perm rod set thin natural hair

My sister is also a natural hair beauty, but she has a child and not a lot of time. Accordingly, she usually keeps her hair in sew-in’s, but she wanted to take a little break so she has been doing perm rod sets. She likes to come to my house to do the set because I enjoy playing in her hair and I have a bonnet dryer.

set products

Before coming to my house, she washes her hair and adds her leave-ins. All I have to do is section her hair, apply product and get to setting. I use three different sizes of perm rods plus a holding product (this time it was a ORS Curls Unleashed product)

   Rod Set rod set3

She then sits under my bonnet dryer for about 45 minutes to ensure her hair is completely dry before taking out the rollers.

rod set4

Once dry we both take out rollers, so it only takes a couple of minutes, with coconut oil on our fingers to prevent frizz.

rod set results3 rod set results2 rod set results3

She sleeps on it, and then the next day she separates the curls and goes to work. As the week goes on she pins it up into a style that she enjoys and we begin again come the weekend. Soon she will go back to her sew-in’s, but in the mean time, this style works really well for her fine hair.

rod set results

It always comes out great and makes me wonder what this would look like on my hair, but who’s gonna come do my hair for me? *hint, hint*

Tell me, whatcha think? What should I differently? you like?

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