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Plan With Me | August 2015!

In my Erin Condren Planner Unboxing Video, I stated that I would do a planner setup video at some point in my current planner. Well, that day is here! I recorded my planning session last week and have shared it in the video above. I love stationary and organization, so owning a planner is life for me. The wonderful thing about the Erin Condren planner is that it lends itself to decoration, which is what all planner addicts enjoy the most!IMG_1516 IMG_1520

I use my decoration as a means for functional planning, and just because I like stickers. My Washi tape collection is used to decorate as well as a simple means for multiple day planning. Like most people, I use my planner to track events, appointments and scheduling tasks. However, I also meal plan, track my exercise, daily maintenance, and weekly maintenance tasks, aka life!

IMG_1522I am pretty picky about my Washi tape, but I shop everywhere including Target, Michaels, Dollar General and Office Depot for that perfect roll. My stickers are usually purchased from Michaels or Jo-Ann fabrics, but recently I delved into the world of planner accessories. I wanted to start slow, so I purchased most of my meal planning stickers from Planner Gems, and the daily tasks stickers from Mare Bear Crafts and Stickers Washi and More. As you saw in the unboxing video, my most recent sticker purchase is the Designer Sticker Book from Erin

I am thinking of purchasing the Cool for School sticker book from Erin Condren as well as the post it notes dashboard, but we shall see. Lastly, my post-it notes come from everywhere, including Target, Walmart, Office Depot, Michaels, etc. Depending on reception, I may do more videos like this in the future.IMG_1530

What type of planner do you own and where do you like to shop for planner accessories? To get $10 off of your first purchase with Erin Condren, click here.

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