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Preventing Breakage | Elasticity Treatments

Each month, once a month, I treat my hair to an elasticity treatment. These treatments are meant to prevent breakage, and keep the protein and moisture balance within my strands in check. I am currently using It’s a 10 Miracle Silk Hair Mask, but there are many viable options out there. My hair needs a treatment when my curls begin to stretch out and not bounce back, or if I see more frizz than normal when my hair is wet. When looking at new elasticity treatments, the first hint the treatment is for elasticity is if the label calls the product an “elasticity” treatment. Otherwise, I look for the product to be strengthening and moisturizing as well.

My favorite video/blog post on the subject is done by professional hair stylist Monique of “” In the video above, she goes into great detail concerning the need for regular elasticity treatments, and she lists product recommendations on the accompanying blog post.

To learn more about the importance moisture and protein balance in natural hair. Check out this video by the author of “The Science of Black Hair,” Audrey Davis-Sivasothy. I have several of her books on my shelf for quick reference. If you do not own her titles, they can be purchased from

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