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Product Review | Anita Grant Rhassoul Clay Deep Condish Cubes

anita grant rhassoul clay conditioner wet hair

You may remember that a few months ago upon trying Bentonite Clay, I stated that I would try Rhassoul Clay at some point. Welp, that time has come! I chose to try the clay in the form of Anita Grant Rhassoul Clay Deep Conditioning cubes. Three cubes of clay come in a box, and after watching several videos, I decided to use 1 and a 1/2 cubes per application, which means I got two applications from the one box.


The first try, I mixed the cubes with hot water, the second I used coconut milk. Both times, the cubes mixed easily with the liquid and didn’t take any special effort to turn into a thick creamy deep conditioner. Before applyication, I shampooed and detangled my hair with conditioner. Then I easily applied the mixture, put on a plastic cap, my Hot Head Cap and sat around for an hour (more like cleaned my house!).





Both times the product rinsed easily and cleanly from my hair. I didn’t find any grit or dried clay upon styling. The water mixture left my hair feeling soft, but a little dry to the touch once out of the shower. The coconut milk mixture left my hair soft and conditioned in and out of the shower! Both times my curls were popping like crazy and my hair held on to the moisture, taking forever to dry! You can watch the before and after clay results here:

I can truly say that I give this product an A++! My hair is holding on to moisture better and my curls are popping no matter what a couple of weeks post application! I plan to purchase more cubes and give my hair a regular clay + coconut milk treat several times a year!

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