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Protective Style Recovery Routine | Remove, Detangle, Restore

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Post protective style, the goal is curl restoration. Recovery includes both moisture and strength, and must include a good detangling session. When your hair is in a protective style, those shed hairs cannot come out. Therefore, if you immediately wash the hair without getting the shed hair out, it will be tangle and knot city.

Take A Look

It was requested that I show the takedown process for the braids protective style. Thus I filmed from start to finish, and tried to show as many products as possible. Check out the short video below for a look at my process:


I began the process by carefully taking down each braid and running my fingers through. Then, I followed my pre-wash routine by applying coconut oil to my strands. After letting that sit overnight, I went ahead with the detangling process.

Yep, I detangled before hopping into the shower because I wanted to be sure to get all the shed hair out. I used water and the Suave Tropical Coconut Conditioner with my trusted wide tooth comb and detangled in large sections. Then I was ready to hit the shower.

After wetting my hair, I used my Ouidad Curl Recover Nourishing Cleansing Oil twice. The purpose was to get my scalp and strands clean without stripping either. Then I followed the shampoo up with the Ouidad Curl Recovery Meltdown Extreme Repair Mask.

This long time favorite helps to restore the moisture and protein balance of my hair as well as the elasticity in my curls. Last but not least I did the LOC method. I used Grapeseed oil followed by the Camille Rose Naturals Coconut Water Leave-In to provide intense moisture and prep my hair for styling.

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