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salux cloth

My skin was quite unhappy in the dry Colorado climate, so I purchased products to rehabilitate my skin once I returned home. I need to repair the scars caused by dry skin, and I know no better way than to exfoliate regularly and moisturize regularly. After doing some research I cam across the Japanese Salux Cloth. These textured cloths exfoliate the skin through the use of body wash and the texture of the cloths. This method also stimulates blood circulation which makes the skin primed  to receive the healing properties of Shea butter that I apply to my skin immediately post shower.

The Verdict

I have been using a cloth daily with Alaffia Body wash, and my skin is so very happy! My skin is no longer dry and cracked, and it feels smoother each day. The cloths are easy to clean and so far they have maintained they’re texture. They help to increase the lather of my Alaffia body wash,which doesn’t lather that much on its own.

I purchased three cloths from Amazon after checking the website. There are many knockoff brands of the Japanese Salux Cloth, so I made sure to do my research in order to purchase authentic products. I do not like Loofa’s, so this product is a great alternative.

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