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Self Care is one of those things that seems like too much of a hassle, but once you take steps to have better mental and physical awareness, life is more balanced.

Yesterday, I had a really late start, close to lunch time because I slept in and I just didn’t feel the need to get up and move. Once I did rise, it was brunch time, so I treated myself to a Fast Break Bowl from Robek’s (a deliciously healthy, yet indulgent smoothie bowl). While munching I cracked the spine of a new book and dove in.

vegetarian haan king book

It’s a short read, so I made sure to only read a 3rd of the novel in order to pace myself. Then I felt it was time for a little more productivity, so I began meal prep. I only prepped lunch and dinner as breakfast is so easy it doesn’t need any prep (check out my Instagram for a pic of breakfast @Missmusic12), and my snacks are very much grab and go. I then ate a little lunch before taking a breather to watch a little tv. In case you missed it, the Olympics ended last night.

chicken asparagus squash skilletThe 2016 Olympics were epically enjoyable this year. The athletes were so happy and supportive of each other, and aside from Ryan Lochte, the US athletes really stood out above the rest. I then turned off the tv, sat down for 10 quiet breaths and wrote about my week in my Journal. To end the evening, I sat down for a good pamper session. I began with skincare by washing my face and applying a clay mask. Then I ran my bath, which included the Lush Blackberry Bath Bomb, and sat down for a good soak.

self care sunday 2Post bath/shower I finished with the last two masks in my triple mask routine, moisturized my skin, and took my book to bed. Yes, although I intended to savor the book, I finished it, Oops.


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