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4 Tips to Decrease Single Strand Knots #HealthyNaturalHair

Single Strand Knots

Every natural is familiar with Single Strand Knots (also known as fairy knots). They are a fact of hair care for the Naturalista, but they do not have to be a constant struggle. It took some years, but I put to test some of the information out there. Now I can confidently share 4 Tips to Decrease Single Strand Knots.

Just Say No to Single Strand Knots

Do you want easy natural hair? Then, deal with your SSK’s. At this point, I only find a few knots every three weeks. Also, once I get my hair trimmed there is a magical grace period. Check out the video below for more details on how I decreased my single strand knots:

4 Tips to Get Rid of SSK’s

  1. Trim Regularly – I know that some preach not trimming natural hair. They say it’s not necessary, and to a degree that’s true. However, if you want hair that is easier to handle. Get regular trims.
  2. Moisturize Often – I preach and preach about the necessity of keeping natural hair moisturized. If I have learned anything from my struggles, its that moisture is key.
  3. Get Rid of Shed Hair – The first thing I discovered in my quest to get rid of single strand knots, was that getting rid of shed hair is key. Once I started to focus on detaching as much shed hair as possible from my strands before washing, my knots decreased.
  4. Use Strengthening Treatments – This was the last step, and hard lesson I learned about my hair. I played with never using protein, with only using protein a few months out the year, and monthly treatments. The fact is, the moment I started doing monthly treatments with protein, I stopped seeing weekly knots.

No More Struggling

Type four natural hair is glorious! Once, you unlock the keys for easy hair care, it becomes even more fun. So, give these tips a try and please share your results.

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