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My Spring Beauty Wishlist 2017 | Bold Sips & Red Lips

spring beauty wishlist

The inspiration for my Spring Beauty Wishlist is Winter. The weather is yo-yoing between cold and warm right now, which means Spring is near. Confession: Winter is my least favorite season, and Spring is the best. After experiencing this last spurt of cold, I am really in the mood for bright colors, happy hair, and short sleeves….cause Florida. I’m not ready for the blistering temperatures just yet, but I would like the option of not taking a cover up with me when I leave the house each morning.

Spring is also brings some awesome beauty  buys, and I hope to check some long awaited items off of my wish list. I need to transition my wardrobe and pick up a few items, plus build my Spring makeup capsule. Also, I am planning an Eco Styler battle for this summer’s Youtube wash n go series, so I need to be on the lookout for those hard to find types of Eco Style/Styler gel like Eco Sport, Eco Pink, Eco Coconut Oil, and Eco Flaxseed Oil. Thus, my Spring beauty wishlist. However, in the meantime, I am most excited about the prospect of a new computer!

Non-Beauty Wish

I have been saving for quite awhile to purchase a new computer because my current MacBook is approaching its ninth year of existence. This computer has not failed me, and so naturally I want to buy another MacBook in the near future, specifically one of the new MacBook’s with the touch bar in the lovely charcoal grey color! Hopefully by the end of Spring, I will be able to make that dream come true. *Fingers crossed* that my current computer hold’s out until I can afford the price…cause I am a graduate student and cannot live without a computer.

The Beauty List

As for my makeup capsule, I’m thinking velvety neutral eyes with BRIGHT red lips. I have my heart set on the new NARSissit Loaded Eyeshadow Palette set to launch March 22, 2017. It looks like it will be just the perfect brown girl friendly neutral palette that can go from day to night. Alongside the eyeshadow palette, I plan to pop into Sephora this weekend to pick a new bright red lipstick. I am thinking NARS Audacious because I love the formula, but only swatches will tell. Also, I am so excited about the Sigma and Jackie Aina Brush Set collaboration because I need to buy more brushes. I am on the email list, so hopefully I can scoop up the set when they are available March 20, 2017. Now what’s a beat face without outfits to compliment.

The Fashion List

Ok, let’s talk about the new nude heels that Nubian Skin just launched! The colors target women of color, and I already own lingerie by the company, so I know the quality is great. Unfortunately, right now Nordstrom does not have the shoes in stock, and I do not want to pay $18.99 in shipping to ship from the UK, so I am waiting. I hope the company collaborates with Nordstrom on the shoe collection as well, so I can try on the shoes to test comfort level. Otherwise, I may not purchase those beauties this Spring. To complete my Spring style, I need new jeans.

Summer in Florida is not jeans weather, so early Spring is the time when T-shirt and jeans weather becomes most appropriate. I will go on the hunt for new jeans in a couple of weeks, but in the mean time, one can never have too many graphic tee’s….right?

Comment below with the items that have made it onto your Spring Beauty Wishlist for 2017.


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