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How I Stopped Biting My Nails… Permanently


I have been biting my nails since forever, and I do mean forever. There have been times when I stopped, but within at least a year I would go right back to it. Until last year. It has been over a year since I habitually bit my nails, and now I am proud to call myself a former nail biter.

How Sway?

Well, let me start with what doesn’t work. Nail polish that tastes bad doesn’t work. Daily manicures doesn’t work. Substituting the habit for chewing gum doesn’t work. Biting my cuticles instead doesn’t work…mainly because I was already doing that.

nail growth

What works? First I had to commit. Last summer I was looking back at some old videos and noticed how my nails. They looked pretty bad when biting, and looked much better than I thought when long. In my mind, my hands looked bad with or without nails because of short nail beds. However, watching the video’s completely changed my thinking.


After realizing I do like my hands with nails, I committed to growing out my nails again. I immediately would chastise myself every time I bit my nails, and I went for a manicure. Yes, I had nothing for them to file, but the nail technician cleaned up my cuticles, as well as her thoughts on nail biting.


I also began to paint my nails every week. Yes, they looked absolutely ridiculous for about two months. Imagine, short stubby nails with polish. However, I started to get good practice with painting my own nails for which there is a serious learning curve. This also led to me building a nail polish collection. In order to build a collection I began to find black women with nail polish blogs and to follow black women who feature nail polish on Instagram. 70 nail polishes later, and I am obsessed. I still get the occasional manicure, but I mostly just take care of my nails at home.


Displaying my nail polish does go a long way in keeping me interested in caring for my nails. Now that I do not bite my nails, I can appreciate how strong they are. I can easily grow long nails, and love to polish them. Shaping my nails is a whole other story!


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