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I’ve been quite busy since the musicians arrived and orchestra rehearsals began. There have been two full orchestra concerts and three chamber events (of which I am in charge). I must confess that I’m a really enjoying mixing and matching my wardrobe. You could say that I brought too many shoes, but I do so love the variety I brought and wouldn’t change a thing. I still receive compliments daily on my wardrobe, and although it’s warmer here, it’s not warm enough for me to switch to a Florida Summer type of wardrobe.

stripes life

J. Crew // Ann Taylor // Sam Edelman

 I’m definitely eating well and I began running last week. Can you imagine running early in the morning and seeing several fox kittens playing or just chilling along the side of the road? Yea, it’s beautiful but scary at the same time.


On the food end of things, I’m spoiled. I make breakfast, lunch and snacks for myself daily, but only eat dinner at the condo a couple of times a week. On a weekly basis we have two hosted dinners by the orchestra community link families, then I attend donor smooze dinners with my supervisor so that I am able to gain experience in that realm, and somehow there is always one other event at which we eat.


Under such circumstances it would be easy to eat crappy food all day, or to just skip breakfast or lunch as I know I have a dinner coming that I don’t have to cook. However, I’m trying to maintain my weight,  so I’m trying to ensure I eat breakfast and lunch at the condo daily. I am back to running regularly, right now just 3 times a week with a hike on the weekend. I’m enjoying this quaint town regardless of the fact that I would like the temps to rise. BTW, it’s donut Friday.

stripes life


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