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Super Sparkly Summer Growth Challenge | QFTPCGO 1 Month Update

qftpcgo challenge results

Tomorrow is the 14th, meaning its been a month since I began this challenge. I quickly decided to wear buns everyday during this challenge and to go back to basics by washing my hair once a week and moisturizing nightly. The hope: optimal length retention. Welp, after one month, I have figured a few things out, I’ve purchased new products, and I am experimenting with ways to easily stretch my hair.

“Missmusic, we just want to know how much length you retained.” Ok, to the point:

qftpcgo2I am pleasantly surprised to say that I retained an inch all the way around, now I am at 11 inches. I am truly surprised because well, an inch in a month is no small feat by means! I was thinking that I would retain 1.5 inches in 3 months! We shall see, that could have been an optimal growth month, next month will tell. Anyways, what did I figure out? How to keep moisture in my hair despite my constant running in Florida humidity.  The answer my friend, is…….Aloe Vera Juice! Yes, that lovely gem that I forget exists.

Nightly I have been spraying aloe vera juice on my hair, following up with my beloved Oyin Hair Dew and sealing with coconut oil. The next morning I wake up with happy moisturized hair. What more could I ask for? I didn’t have to go buy a bunch of product, nope, just an $8 bottle of Aloe Vera Juice!!! Whoop whoop! Second, I figured out a better way to bun my 4b/c hair.

I was having a difficult time bunning because my hair is so thick, but then I stumbled upon the ponytail within a bun method, and I haven’t looked back since. Yes, my buns are smaller with this method, but hey, I am not complaining! The videos that helped me figure out this method are:

Lastly, for styling I am stretching my hair on wash day without heat, beyond the usual twists and braids. It shrinks up as the days go, but its that initial stretching that makes creating a bun daily much easier. That is it! I am not doing anything incredibly special, just keeping things simple and consistent.


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    October 17, 2014 at 4:50 am

    I’ve never heard of this method before and I love it. Will definitely try it tomorrow morning.

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