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Supergoop Everyday Sunscreen Broad Spectrum spf 50 | Product Review

supergoop review

I grew up in a hot, humid environment, but it wasn’t until I moved to 10,000 feet that I realized how damaging the sun can be. People here get sunburned sitting outside for twenty minutes even with Spf 30 on because of how high up we are. I have been exercising, which means I spend at least an hour outside in the hot sun several days a week, which means that without proper sun protection I can seriously damage my skin.

After witnessing so many of my colleagues get sun burned every single day, I realized that I needed to find a sun screen for my body for everyday wear. I always wear sunscreen for my face every single day, but I have neglected my body up to now. Lucky for me, the front desk where I am staying keeps Supergoop Everyday Sunscreen spf 50 on the counter on the way out the front door for guests to use.

I have been hesitant to use sunscreen all over everyday because I do not want to smell like sunscreen, I do not want to have a daily white cast over my skin, and I just didn’t know any alternatives. After trying the Supergoop I have been converted! The Supergoop Everyday Sunscreen has a slightly minty smell, smoothes over the body like a good lotion, and best of all does not leave a white cast. Plus, it works!!!!!

My friends and I have put the product to the test up here at 10,000 feet, and it has passed with an A+. Everyday I stop by the front desk on my way out and apply the sunscreen to my arms, neck, and legs. I have been hesitant to purchase the product due to the price, but it works so well and meets my requirements, so I bit the bullet and purchased the Supergoop Everyday Sunscreen Broad Spectrum spf 50 from Sephora. I consider the purchase an investment in anti-aging, in cancer prevention, and overall health.

Do you wear sunscreen from head to toe everyday?

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