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Techniques & Styles for Maintaining Highly Textured Natural Hair

Continued from: CC Natural Health & Hair Expo | Project Reveal

I compiled all of the most important information from the hair speaking engagements I’ve participated it. I usually give a handout, so I took that and filtered through my most frequently asked questions. This led to five cards that focus solely on techniques for making natural hair maintenance simple. Then my sister said, well what about style? That’s when I decided to choose five really basic styles that people often have trouble with, and present them.


Once the idea took root, we got began production. This included photo shoots, graphic design, lots of research, printing ad more. Finally, tomorrow, we will launch the online store as well as take the physical cards to the CC Natural Health & Hair Expo in Tallahassee.

Techniques & Styles for Maintaining Highly Textured Natural Hair offers techniques that encourage hair moisture and stretching to minimize dryness and breakage, for people of all ages. The information shown in this guide includes illustrated, step-by-step plain-language tutorials for daily natural hair maintenance and styling.


The guide may be delivered to you in a hard copy flash card format, or you may download it to your electronic device in an e-book format.

What’s in the guide?

  • Ten flash cards with hair maintenance & styling tips
  • Essential styling tools for highly textured hair
  • General tips for detangling, cleansing and conditioning, and moisturizing hair
  • Advice on how to prepare your hair for styling
  • 5 basic styles for stretching natural hair
  • Step-by-step plain-language written instructions and  photo tutorials

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