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Recently, I have been asked to talk about my favorite fragrances for women. This was an interesting challenge, because although I do own perfumes, I do not have a big collection. Plus I am not even close to calling myself knowledgable about women’s fragrance. However, I did choose five of my favorites to share.

After much thought, I decided to share a couple perfumes for everyday wear, a  few for special occasions, and one random fragrance. I did not find the task of choosing my favorite fragrances difficult, instead it was the need to describe the perfumes that proved challenging.

Take a Look!

I decided to link to the fragrance notes, and just talk about why I like each perfume. Undoubtedly, I am quite particular when it comes to scent, and I think the result is a less than typical look at some fragrances for women in Youtube land. Check out the video for a look at my top five favorite fragrances…of the moment:

Products Mentioned

*Burberry Summer for Women – I particularly enjoy the original Burberry Summer that appeared on shelves in 1995, and was re-released for a limited time in 2013. Not the square bottle, but the hot pink bottle with a rounded shape.

*Maison Martin Margiella ‘Replica’ Lazy Sunday Morning – This go to powdery fresh floral scent has replaced the Donna Karen Cashmere Mist of my twenties, with a more sophisticated scent.

*Bvlgari Omnia Indian Garnet – My newest and yet still favorite clean spicy fragrance. A fresh, warm, spicy scent that is just unique enough in its blend.

*Derek Lam 10 Crosby Street ‘Something Wild’ – Elegance, sophistication, mystery, and sex appeal all bottled up in one cylindrical container.

*Maison Martin Margiella ‘Replica’ Tea Escape – Elegance, sophistication, and femininity balanced into a light fragrance that packs a punch.

I am in love with these perfumes at the moment, and really do enjoy how often strangers stop and ask what fragrance I am wearing when using one of my favorites. If you care to share, please comment below with your favorite fragrances. I am always on the lookout for another great scent!

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