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Time for a Trim.. or Dusting … or Cut? | Natural Hair 101


When I speak about caring for my natural hair, I often talk about getting or giving myself a trim. However, I am usually talking about a light dusting of my ends which then leads to the occasional trim. This year I gave myself a 5 inch cut, but that is usually a very rare occurrence for me.

What’s The Difference

Dusting usually consists of look at your strands and just cutting off the individual split ends or single strand knots you see. A trim is when you uniformly take off less than one inch from the hair, regardless of whether there are splits or not. Finally, cutting the hair is usually a bit more drastic and noticeable. Usually consists a hair cut of two or more inches.

In my case, I do a dusting of my strands every three to four months with my hair in twists. I simply look at my ends and check for damage and snip. However, two or three times a year I go to a hair stylist and get a 1/4 to 1/2 inch trim. My ends are usually in good shape because I maintain them at home, so there is no need for the stylist to cut lots of hair. Instead, the trim is more about restoring the shape of my hair. Now that cut I gave myself earlier this year was to get rid of previously colored and damaged strands. I really did not take my hair care regimen as seriously at the time, so I was slowly cutting the color treated hair. This year, I simply decided to take the full plunge.

How Often Should You Trim Your Hair?

The answer is very much individual. I suggest getting a  fresh cut to get rid of all your damaged hair. Then, once a month, look for splits or balls at the end of the hair. Maybe after one month you only see a few, maybe you don’t see any splits for six months, or maybe you see tons of little balls at the ends of your strands after only two months. One you know, you can either trim your hair the month before the strands would normally split, or do a little dusting of your strands every month or so.

Always use hair shears when cutting the hair at home. Cutting shears are very sharp and made specifically for hair where as crafting scissors can cause more damage to the strand due to dullness. When in doubt, visit a beautician.

How often do you get rid of split ends?

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    Peggy Senat
    December 6, 2017 at 12:46 pm

    This video was helpful !
    I’ve been thinking of dusting my ends at home in between my trim with my stylist.

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