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Ultra Defined Wash and Go | Type 4 Natural Hair

ultra defined wash and go

Every since I learned how to define my natural hair, I have been trying to identify the best products and techniques to achieve an ultra defined wash and go on my natural hair. I have tried scrunching, smoothing, raking, shaking and more. The number of creams I have tried is too numerous to count, but I have finally achieved results. Sometimes it takes a journey to achieve a goal, and though this has been years in the making, I couldn’t be happier with my success.

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ultra defined wash and goHow to Achieve An Ultra Defined Wash and Go

To demonstrate how I achieve an ultra defined wash and go on type 4 natural hair, I used two products I know will give me great results every time:

*Camille Rose Naturals Coconut Water Style Setter Cream Deluxe – This cream is intensely moisturizing, and because a little goes a long way, the result of styling with this product is always light hair.

*Wet Line Xtreme Professional Styling Gel – This strong hold gel features aloe vera, smells milds, and provides lasting hold. Also, its quite cheap and easily accessible at Sally Beauty Supply.

I wanted to show every step in how I achieve a wash and go, from application to stretching. Though the video below is longer than my typical wash and go tutorial, its detailed enough to help anyone achieve their best wash and go. Check out the video for insight into the role each product plays in achieving an ultra defined wash and go:

I sincerely hope this video was helpful. Before you go, please comment below and share your favorite wash and go styling products.


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