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For this first monthly Vlog, I captured a busy week in my life including the Hair She Grows Natural Hair & Beauty Celebration 2017. This event has been around for years now, but this was my first time attending. I drove down with fellow Youtuber HappyFitNatural in the passenger seat.

Take A Look!

This is a long vlog, but hopefully it’s worth watching. I always enjoy traveling, and I especially enjoy the natural hair community. Check out the vlog below for more:

Vlog #2

Hair shows really are fantastic opportunities to meet other like minded folk and bask in the atmosphere. I thoroughly enjoyed the 2017 Hair She Grows Natural Hair & Beauty Celebration. Plus, HappyFitNatural was full of great conversation which lead to much laughter.

We even came up with a few video ideas, so look for those in the near future. I felt energized when I returned and enjoyed adding to my little haul. Tomorrow begins Nonfiction November, so I had to pick up a few new books to read. Plus, I received my October NStyle Box, so I added an unboxing to this video.

Most of the video talks about planing, and entrepreneurship. I created a five-year plan this month, and have started executing the plan. My mission is to use my gifts to work hard and create the life I imagined. This means that there will be a lot of focused work for the next five years, but I do plan to balance this pursuit with self care and relationship building.

I may not reach every goal, but my five year plan adds focus and purpose to my life. If you want to create a long term plan, be it one or more years, be sure to click here and download the template I created to help. Join me on this journey of creating a great future.



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