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wash and go maintenance

I am often asked how I maintain my wash and go, and keep it looking fresh all week long. I have previously recorded a video on this topic, but I thought it was time for an updated routine. For my wash and go maintenance routine, I like to keep things simple and easy. The goal is to preserve my curls for five days straight and still have enough moisture and movement in my hair to re-style until my next wash day.

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How to Maintain a Wash and Go for 5 Days

I do not use many tools for this process, instead I mostly just use a regular hair tie (no metal), satin scarf, and a satin bonnet. The two products I used in the video are my tried and true staple products:

*Camille Rose Naturals Curl Love Moisture Milk – A truly wonderful moisturizer that goes on ligh but packs a punch of moisture. Though the product is thick in the bottle, it has enough water to glide onto the hair and provide just a little shine.

*Dessert Essence Jojoba Oil – Jojoba oil is the one oil that most closely matches the sebum produced naturally by the body to provide nutrition for the hair and scalp. Accordingly, it is perfect for sealing in moisture and providing a barrier to the elements.

I wanted to show how my hair holds up over several days, so the video goes into a little more detail and gives a visual for my daily routine. If you missed my last video showing how I achieve an ultra defined wash and go, check it out here. Otherwise, check out the video and leave any questions or comments below:

My natural hair routine is ever evolving, but my daily wash and go maintenance routine is solid and helps me keep presentable hair for the long term. If you care to share, comment below with your favorite wash and go maintenance products.


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