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Wash and Go Tutorial | Type 4 (a,b,c) Hair

As requested, a wash and go tutorial. I went into a lot of detail in this video to make sure that any person who tried to duplicate, could. The wash and go is not a style in which you wash and leave the house, it is like any other style in that you have to set it and then you can go. The title comes from the idea of washing and setting your natural curl pattern, whatever it is. The style usually takes me 30 minutes to create and 30 minutes under the hooded dryer to set. For this video I used:

Shampoo: Coco Curls Hydrating Shampoo
Conditioner: TGIN Moisture Mask
Leave-in Conditioner: Oyin Honey Hemp
Sealer: Avocado Oil
Setting Gel: Xtreme Wetline Gel
Smoothing Gel: Garner Pure Clean Gel

Feel free to leave any comments or questions below, and I hope that this video was helpful!

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