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The Wash and Go Tag | Type 4 Natural Hair

Wash and Go

The Wash and Go is a quick go to style that is low maintenance and shows off the beauty of my curl pattern. Every time I watch the Wash and Go Tag I either learn something new or I get to identify with fellow naturals. I also like to hear what products people are using to achieve their best Wash and Go.

Take A Look

I was a little (maybe a lot) long winded in the video below, but I didn’t want to cut my answers short. Grab a snack or a cup of tea and check out the video below:

The Wash and Go Tag

My favorite gel is definitely Super Wet Gel, and one day I may just purchase in bulk online to justify the shipping price or to get free shipping. In the mean time, I prefer to use Ampro Olive Oil or Xtreme Wetline Gel.

However, last month I tried a few of the new Ampro gel’s, and I must say there may be a new contender. More on that in October. For lighter hold, I prefer to use the Eco Styler Professional Curl & Wave Gel (Pink).

I am always trying new products, but the staples only change if something spectacular comes along.Β However, I have found several worthwhile gel’s over the years, so be sure to check out my list of Best Products for Natural Hair for the various great possibilities.

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