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Wash n Go Series, Type 4 (a,b,c) Hair | How I diffuse and shape my coily hair

Nope. I do not go to sleep with soaking wet hair, no way no how. I have really dense hair, so it takes two to three days to dry, which means that I usually diffuse my hair once a week. Once my hair shrinks all of the way up through diffusing, I then take my blow dryer and shape my hair into a less helmet like state. Check out the video for details:

I use a Revlon blow dryer that I purchased many moons ago as a college sophomore. However, the exact same model is still available. It looks like this: 

I purchased mine from Walmart, but I have also seen it in Target. I lost the diffuser attachment years ago, so I went to Ulta about a year ago and purchased a new Revlon attachment. It was originally $10, but I had a $3 off coupon plus 20% off,  so it came to about $6 with tax. I always use my blow dryer on medium heat and low speed to diffuse and then cool air and medium speed for shaping. I have yet to experience any damage, so no worries.

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