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Wash N Wear Hair Trial | Gel Without Glycerin

wash and go natural hair gel without glycerin

Yesterday I decided to try doing the same wash and wear process, but instead of the Xtreme wetline gel, I wanted to try gels that had no glycerin. Why? I want to find out whether it is the weight, technique or ingredients of the wetline gel that gave me last weeks results. I washed my hair as usual:

  • Detangled with Coconut Oil and Aussie Moist Conditioner
  • Shampoo with Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Tingle Shampoo
  • 2nd shampoo with Ouidad Curl Co-Wash
  • Deep Condition with Koils By Nature CocoAloe Deep Conditioner
  • Apply Koils by Nature Leave In-Conditioner

This time I used Salon Care Firm Hold Gel with Aloe Vera under the Koils By Nature Herbal Gel. I applied to soaking wet hair in 8 large sections:

I sat under my hooded dryer for an hour, pineappled overnight, and today we have day one hair:

Processed with Moldiv

Its interesting because the top of my hair with the looser 4b pattern came out exactly the same. However, the rest of my 4c hair came out much frizzier with more clumped koils. It looks a lot like my hair on day 6 of last weeks wash and wear style:

I am interested to see how long the definition will last because it is already frizzy. I now have to figure out whether the glycerin makes that much of a difference or if its the fact that the wetline gel cuts down on frizz somehow.

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