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Week in Review | Hair, Food, & Fitness

This week in food, fitness and hair has been pretty good, not great, but definitely good. I meal prepped last Sunday and was ready for a great week of eating. I stuck to the plan with one noticeable exception (cause some people just won’t let me be great), and tried a couple of new recipes.


bantu knot2 Post wash and dry, I simply put my hair in two dutch braids for a couple of days. Then I finally set my hair in 11 bantu knots for a great bantu knot out. This time I used the Taliah Waajid Crinkles & Curls Styling Foam with Qhemet Biologics Amla & Olive Heavy Cream to set my hair, which meant that I needed to sit under my hooded dryer for 30 minutes to activate the foam before letting my hair air dry the rest of the way. I love how the style came out, and I liked the set better without gel. This is why I experiment, you cannot know what will work if you do not try new ways of doing! I wore my hair in a bun for my workouts, re-set my hair in knots overnight, and kept that up for the rest of the week.


lifting I began a new fitness routine last week that incorporates road running, in-home exercise and a couple of gym days a week. So, this week went like this:

Monday – 3 Mile Road Run + Glues and Hamstring with ankle weights
Tuesday – 1 Hour brisk walk + Stability ball ab and back workout
Wednesday – 3 Mile Road Run + Leg Day at the Gym
Friday – 4 Mile Treadmill Run + Arms at the Gym

I missed exercising last Sunday and today, so I must get my exercise and another at home workout in tomorrow. All things considered, I’ll take 4 out of 7 days with a smile on my face.


As per my last meal prep post, I was all set for a healthy week in eating. For the first two mornings I ate the yogurt parfait, but I then decided I needed a little something more, so for the rest of the week I ate the Yogurt Parfait and a Whole Wheat Waffle (from Van’s).

parfaitBetween breakfast and dinner I snacked on nuts and herbed popcorn, and between lunch and dinner I made a green smoothie for a little pre-workout fuel.

smoothieFor lunch I ate White Chicken Chili with a side of broccoli Monday thru Thursday, and had stuffed Zucchini Friday for lunch as planned. Then my boo in all his considerateness (not a word) decided to bring me a rib dinner home Friday evening. Well, I had already planned to have a chea meal Friday evening as I was taking my nephew out for dinner and watching the new movie Race afterwards. I couldn’t be mad cause my boo brought food without my asking, so I did the only thing I could do and ate the Rib dinner for lunch today.

chicken chiliDinner this week has been stuffed zucchini, modeled after one of my favorite dishes, stuffed peppers. I wanted to try stuffed zucchini as it may be a great alternative when bell peppers are not in season. Well, I tried it and it’s just a no go for me. The result didn’t taste bad or undesirable, my boo actually enjoyed the stuffed zucchini, but I just like stuffed peppers better. At least I tried! Anyways, I ate a stuffed zucchini for dinner Monday thru Thursday and then had hot wings and fries as planned Friday night. Tonight I am going to have snow crab with a side of veggies.

stuffed zucchiniWith the exception of my unplanned rib dinner, this was a good week in food, and I do not feel guilty about the extra cheat meal. I will try to only eat one cheat meal in the week to come, and get in one more day of exercise.

ribsWhat has your stomach enjoyed in the past week? and How have you worn your hair?


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