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Week in Review | July 13th to July 19th, 2015

zelda birthday cake

This past week was the end of one part of my life, as well as the beginning of another. I have been an Elementary School Orchestra teacher, but as of Wednesday, I am no more. Wednesday was the last day of summer school for the kiddos as well as my last day of teaching. This Fall I am returning to school as a Graduate student for a second Master’s. In my excitement I went back to school supply shopping (video on that later), as well as school bag shopping (have I mentioned that I love stationary).

Bags 2 Bags 3.jpgs

I do not like carrying backpacks to class, plus I was awarded a Graduate Assistantship, so I wanted a bag that would be more professional, like the large Satchel that I already take to work now. I headed over to TJ Maxx and searched the racks for something that would last, but at a good price. Pictured are the choices I came up with. To make a decision, I Face timed my sister for help :-)!

Bags 4 Bags

Over the weekend I mostly chilled with friends. First, a few of my friends and I decided to meet for lunch at my favorite local Indian Restaurant. We followed the delicious food up with frozen yogurt as it was hot as hell outside and we really wanted a sweet treat. Sunday I also attended my best friend’s, sons (did you follow that?), Birthday party, it was Zelda themed, of which I know absolutely nothing of.

Indian Food Nuberri

Peep this amazing cake she made!!!! She is a cake decorator aka Fondant specialist (a title which doesn’t seem to really to cover the magnitude of what she does). Everything on the cake is edible except the characters. The tree greenery is actually candy she made. Yep, my bestie is just that amazing!

Hunter Cake

Otherwise, I just sat at home enjoying the peace. I am trying to get used to freedom again, not having to wake up extra early or stay up late. I think its time for a vacation. What did you get into this weekend?

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