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Why You Should Do Pre-Shampoo Treatments


I often hear natural Youtubers disparage pre-shampoo treatments. Welp, I am here to say, every person with natural hair should do pre-shampoo treatments. No, pre-pooing is not equivalent to putting lotion on your body and then getting in the shower.

Take A Look!

There are several good reasons to treat natural hair before cleansing. The longer between washes, the more necessary the pre-shampoo step becomes. The pre-shampoo step will save you detangling time, and even make your wash process more effective. Check out the video below for more details:

Three Reasons Why You Should Pre-Poo

  1. I’m not convinced that deep conditioning prior to shampooing doesn’t work. Yes, science and convention says that deep conditioning after cleansing works best. No argument there. However, there are still benefits to conditioning before cleansing. Cleanser does not strip away all the benefits of conditioning. Some conditioning agents hang on. Plus, moisturized hair is more malleable, so conditioning the hair before adding water is handling the hair in its best state instead of a vulnerable dry state.
  2. Get rid of shed hair. I am a big fan of extracting shed hair before adding water. This cuts down on knots, tangles, and matting.
  3. The best reason to pre-poo is to get the most benefit from oils. Most oils take at least four hours for maximum benefit.The longer oils have time to sit on the hair and impart their benefits, the better they work. Also, oil treatments lead to better curl definition.

Still not a believer? Give an oil pre-shampoo treatment a try. Apply a little coconut or jojoba oil to your hair before bed or before you run errands, and a few hours later start cleansing your hair. Then, come back and tell me your results….

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