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fitness plan

I have health and body goals, so I put together a Year Long Fitness Plan for success. Fitness is not the most important component of weight loss, but it counts. Of course I could just eat healthy to loose the weight, but I want a toned physique. Thus, this plan is purely about looks. I will focus on the food component in another blog post.

The Fitness Plan

When I decided to create this plan, I took into account my current fitness level as well as my desired physique. I have been running for several years, so I have a good aerobic base, but my muscles are not nearly as strong or toned as I would like. Therefore, I created a plan to address muscle building while still being able to enjoy my hobby of running. I do not intend to keep this intensity up forever, instead I am going hard for one full year. No holding back. I threw myself into this plan on January 1, and I have not missed a single workout yet. Fitness is apart of my morning routine, which I detailed in the video below last year:

Now, the only difference is that I eat before heading to the gym or going for a run. I find that food is necessary for energy during the workout. In my fitness plan,, I have combined HIIT, running, and weight lifting. Here’s the weekly breakdown of workouts:

fitness plan

I am using specific training plans that I either did quite a bit of research on or have used before. The plan is a combination of three fitness programs:

  • Weight Lifting
    • Thinner, Leaner, Stronger
      • I found this plan last year from my sisters recommendation. The science and proven results behind the method are solid. Also, the exercises are basic or are easily found on Youtube. I am familiar with the majority of the exercises, and am definitely starting at ground zero. I purchased the Year One Challenge bound book, so that I can easily keep track of weights and reps. Plus, the exercises are listed in eight week increments, so I will not have to continually look back in a book.
      • The program has 3 day, 4 day, and 5 day weekly breakdowns, but I chose the 5 day breakdown to fit my plan needs. Before starting, I took opening measurements as well as a photo so that I can see and measure the progress every eight or nine weeks. With a five day lifting plan, I will lose weight slower because the muscle will replace the fat, but I rather slow progress that ends in my desired result.
  • Running
    • Hal Higdon
      • Most of the year I am in maintenance mode, and not training. Either way, I only need to run three days a week to maintain my endurance levels. I am focusing on tempo runs, speed runs, and long runs. When not training, I will keep my long runs between six and ten miles. When training, I will follow one of the Hal Higdon three day training programs. I have used his programs in the past, and they prepare me well for any race. I’m using the tempo and hill run workouts from the Half-Marathon Advanced Program.
  • HIIT
    • Melissa Bender of Bender Fitness
      • I have been following Melissa Bender for years. She is a professional fitness expert that doesn’t believe you should have to pay for great workouts, so she shares workouts every week on her blog and Youtube. Bender has been sharing workouts for several years, so she has more than enough HIIT workouts loaded for one year. Every week I choose three video’s to complete, usually one focused on full body, one on core, and one miscellaneous workout.
      • My goal with HIIT is to get as close to 30 minutes as possible. Over the years, I have learned that there is no better way to ensure a tight core than HIIT. I don’t have to do anything extra to maintain abs, just get my HIIT workouts in. HIIT workouts are amazing for fat burning, as the effects on the body last longer ti keep the metabolism burning fat throughout the day. Plus, these workouts are a great warm up for weight lifting as they work the entire body.

My daily goal, Monday thru Friday, is one hour of fitness. I do not try for more, instead I save a long workout for the weekend. Although this is a very manageable schedule, I know its tough on the body. Accordingly, I take a full day of rest to let me muscles recover for the next week of workouts. I do have several races planned to keep things fun and to help me gauge progress. Also, I have a weight loss goal of 25 lbs by 2019.

This plan will slowly help me knock my goal out of the park!

I will keep you all updated with monthly weigh-in’s, and of course more Fit Friday posts.

Follow my daily food and fitness journey here:

Also, I will open the community tab of the ALove4Me Facebook soon. I just need to come up with a name…

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