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4c Wash N Wear Hair Success | AKA Wash N Go

first wash and go type 4 natural hair kinky coily

Yesterday, I decided to use one of my passes in my hair challenge to make a very last attempt at a wash and go on my 4c hair…………….. and I don’t think I can go back to bunning!!!!!! My hair surprised the crap out of me by giving life with frizz free defined coils and waves:

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I followed my regular wash process with one exception, I finger detangled before washing and while DCing. Then I did the usual:

  1. Apply Aussie Moist Conditioner and finger detangle
  2. Shampoo with Qhemet Cleansing Tea
  3. Shampoo with Ouidad Curl Co-Wash
  4. Oil Rinse with Rice Bran Oil
  5. DC with Qhemet Moringa Tree Conditioning Ghee and finger detangle
  6. Apply Oyin Honey Hemp Conditioner as Leave-In
  7. Apply Xtreme Wetline Gel and Garnier Pure Clean Gel to define

I then sat under my hooded dryer for 30 minutes and then I left my house. The inner portions of my hair were not dry, just the outside. To give perspective, this is what my Wash N Go’s usually look like:

Processed with Moldiv

I’ve used Fantasia IC Gel, Eco Styler and more, but this combo was the first and only time I was able to define my coils without frizz and without a ton of shrinkage. As I was applying the Xtreme gel I was amazed that my usual coils and waves were not coming out nearly as frizzy as usual. I was able to separate my strands without too much frizz, and then the Pure Clean Gel got rid of any frizz I created while separating and adding shine.
Processed with Moldiv


Its still shrinking, so I am sure it will look much shorter in the front on Day 2, but I am not loosing coil separation or getting any additional frizz as it dries! This is a game changer for me! Now I just have to hope that I can duplicate these results next wash day *crosses fingers*

As usual, the accompanying video to this post can be found below:

2nd Day Hair:

Processed with Moldiv

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